Theme Park Accidents

Amusement parks such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Epcot, etc., are a favorite form of entertainment for families and young people in Florida. Millions of people from all over the country come to Florida specifically to go to amusement parks.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that emergency room injuries from amusement park rides rose almost 87 percent in the last five years. The investigation conducted by the CPSC into these injuries concluded that several factors are at fault in these injuries - consumer behavior, operator behavior, mechanical failure, and design defects or limitations. While there may be some question over who is blame for the accident, there is no question that those injured while riding amusement park attractions suffer pain and loss because of their injuries.

Personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from an amusement park accident may include:

Slip/trip and fall injuries
Rollercoaster and theme park ride malfunctions
Ride operator negligence
Improperly maintained rides
Negligent security

Behind all the excitement lays the issue of safety. The fact is that amusement parks have the same responsibility for the safety of their guests as any other property owner — despite the inherent danger of the activities they provide.

If have been hurt or have a child who was hurt in an amusement park accident — contact us. You will need a board certified civil trial attorney who understands the special needs of an injured child.







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