School and Daycare Negligence

When a busy parent sends their child to school or a daycare program, they do so with the assumption that their child will be monitored and receive quality care in a safe environment. Many times, these facilities prove to be inadequate at their job and may have a number of hazards where a child could potentially get hurt or even killed.

School and daycare negligence can come from improper staffing ratios, lack of supervision, failure to comply with safety standards or even abuse. We understand that children often need special medical treatment and that many times, they cannot communicate clearly. We also know that to win a case requires complete understanding of the surrounding circumstances.

We represent children who have suffered physical or emotional harm while under the care of a school or daycare facility, and hold the State accountable for properly licensing and monitoring these facilities.







Links to Keep Your Child Safe

Tips on Choosing a Daycare

Daycare Accreditation- Florida

Representing Children Injured In:  

  • School Accidents
  • Dangerous Playground Accidents
  • School Bus Accidents
  • Camp Accidents
  • Injuries caused by Improper Supervision