Motorcycles and Scooter Accidents

By nature, accidents that involve the rider of a motorcycle or motorized scooter are usually severe, resulting in a long road to recovery. Even if the rider is fortunate enough not to be physically impaired from the accident, there is almost always a large property damage claim to be dealt with. Although many times the fault is not the motorcyclist’s, insurance companies have a bias against motorcyclists that makes it difficult to receive fair compensation. Every insurance company strives to pay as little as possible in benefits. We seek to hold the negligent party responsible and claim every penny that is due for the victim of the accident. This includes figuring the future costs of medical bills, time off from work, and any other expenses that could be overlooked. Our clients include people from all walks of life, residents of Florida and the many motorcyclists that visit for events like Daytona’s Bikeweek and Biketoberfest.   

With the continuing increase in popularity of gas and electric powered scooters in the United States, there have also been an extremely high number of young people suffering injuries due to involvement in scooter accidents. On June 14, 2005 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that approximately 10,000 people required emergency room treatment for motorized scooter related injuries between July 2003 and June 2004. The reports also showed that less than 50% of the injury victims were wearing helmets, and even fewer were wearing any other type of protective gear at the time of their accidents.

In a recent six year period, approximately fifty people died as the result of electric or gas powered scooter accidents. The following are recent motorized scooter statistics:
  • Approximately 36% of scooter accidents are caused by scooter operators.
  • The environment, including ground condition and surface, account for about 35% of all motor scooter accidents.
  • Bone fractures occur in about 25% of all scooter related accident injuries.
  • Approximately 20% of motorized scooter accidents are the result of scooter defects.
  • Approximately 66% of all scooter accident injury victims are under the age of fifteen.

Motorized scooters, used mainly by children, pose some of the same risks that motorcycles pose to adults, including brake failure, defective tires, sharp edges, handlebars that are not secured, and accelerators that stick. The following are links to information regarding motorized scooter recalls:

In order to prevent your child from suffering serious motorized scooter injuries, it is important to teach him or her to be responsible and safe while operating the scooter. The following are some helpful safety tips that every child should follow when riding a motorized scooter:

  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Never allow a second passenger on a scooter
  • Ride on smoothly paved roads
  • Only ride during the day, when you are the most visible to motor vehicle drivers

If your child has suffered serious injuries as the result of a motorized scooter accident in Florida, please contact us immediately







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